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No homework policy for class I and II

SRVN school welcomed 'No Home Work' policy diligently with open arms for classes 1st and 2nd and following scrupulously also sharing the note to the parents and asking kids to read just for 15 -20 minutes the topic of their choice each night with family members instead, and spend time to play and be with their parents and going to bed on time.

This has allowed kids just to be kids.

Committee and practices adopted for balancing the load of homework.

  1. Mr. Balakrishna (Principal)
  2. Mrs. Chayadevi M Teacher (Rep)
  3. Ms. Navya M N
  4. Ms. Geetha
  5. Ms. Shobha

SRVN School is committed to provide the joyful, creative, explorative and vibrant school experiences and environment for its learners.

Hence at SRVN School

1. We do not assign any home work to the students of classes I and II strictly adhering to the ?NO HOME WORK? policy prescribed by CBSE by law.

2. From classes 3rd to 8th home work is assigned for only 2 subjects per day alternatively.

3. For class 9, home work is assigned only 3 subjects per day alternatively.

4. Not more than 2 class-tests are conducted in a single day.

5. For reducing the weight of the school bag to 5kgs, book load is prepared and given to the parents with a request to send only those books mentioned in the scheduled book load for different days.

6. School principal Sri Balakrishna has adviced to stop additional and supplementary text books for all classes.

7. Text books and work books are not hard bounded.

8. Students are encouraged to do all projects during class hours, this has priced the school with the extention of school hours for another 1 hour.

9. Teachers prescribe slim books and loose sheets for the work book.

10. School is providing potable drinking water to reduce the weight of the school bag.

In the forth coming days SRVN School is switching to smart classes and educational tablets to replace the text books for higher classes.

SRI RANGA VIDYANIKETHAN CENTRAL SCHOOL We are glad to have you around.

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