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Extracurricular Activities

Srvn lays equal importance to extra curriculum as academics. The students are encouraged to train themselves in various talents such as, music, theatre, sports, dance etc.

Their talents are showcased in prestigious annual cultural festival and also in various interschool competitions Srvn is a home for all the students tremendous opportunities to observe and learn from the diverse culture and manifestations in these extra curriculum events.

Activities and Achievements in the field of Arts Education

Committee and practices adopted for Arts Education.

  1. Mrs. Bindu B S (President)
  2. Mrs. Manju Vani P Teacher (Rep)
  3. Mrs. Anjali N S
  4. Mr. Shivananda Swamy K R
  5. Mr. Narasimha Somayaji
  6. Ms. Navya M N

In SRVN School arts Education is made mandatory reserving 2 periods per week. Per class, trained and specialised teachers are taking art education classes from upper primary stage onwards, Covering as far as possible all four major spheres of arts - performance arts, visual arts, craft and theatre and culinary arts by setting up the syllabus as per the activities suggested by the CBSE which is given below:



  • Geometrical (Shape, form, Designs etc)
  • Free hand (fruits, vegetables, flowers, birds, animals, human figures)
  • Figurative, caricatures, line drawing, stick drawing, cartoons
  • Perspective drawing, building plans, elections etc

Print making

  • Block printing (vegetable printing etc)
  • Hand printing (finger printing)
  • Mono printing (spray , paper cutting)


  • Paper collage
  • Mixed collage

Mask making

  • Paper mask (Human , Animal etc)
  • Mixed material masks , 3d masks etc

Drawing and painting

  • Basic knowledge of Art
  • Color theory , compositions, colorings, memory drawings

Clay Modelling

  • Basic knowledge of clay modelling
  • Coil technique, plant technique
  • 3d modelling, POP moulding casting


  • Basic of calligraphy
  • Lettering, cards, Thought writing
  • Handwriting etc


  • Geometrical, decorative
  • Patterns, paper designs, floral, rangoli etc

Group Activity

  • Musals
  • Group Paintings, Display of Art works.


Class VI

April - Sketching geometrical shapes, forms, designs etc

May/June - Print making, block printing

July - Collage, paper collage

Aug - Mask making, paper mask 2D

Sep - Drawing and Painting, basic knowledge of drawing and painting

Oct - Clay modelling, free hand clay modelling

Nov - Calligaraphy: Basic strokes

Dec - Design: Geometrical design

Jan - Memory drawing

Feb/March - Revision

Class VII

April - Free hand sketch (Indoor outdoor)

May/June - Hand printing, finger printing

July - Mixed collage

Aug - Mixed material -2D , 3D

Sept - Colour theory, Primary and secondary

Oct - Coil technique

Nov - Lettering, card making

Dec - Decorative - motif

Jan - Topic based

Feb/March - Revision

Class VIII

April - Sketching free hand, sketch - figurative, line drawing etc

May/June - Mono Printing etc

July - Collage: Mixed collage

Aug - Mask making: mixed materials 2D 3D expressions

Sep - Drawing and painting: Composition

Oct - Clay modelling: Plate technique - relief works

Nov - Calligraphy: Littering - Thoughts, quotation writing, card

Dec - Design pattern 2D

Jan - Group activity: Group painting

Feb/March - Revison

Class IX

April - Sketching : Cartoons - line art free hand sketching

May/June - Stencil cutting and spray

July - Collage: Mixed collage

Aug - Mask making: mixed materials 2D 3D expressions

Sep - Drawing and painting: Composition pictorial and illustrations

Oct - Clay modelling: POP, paper moche, clay relief

Nov - Calligraphy: Poster designings

Dec - Design pattern : Paper designs

Jan - Group activity: Mural paintings

Feb/March - Revison

Class X

Perspective, basic plans, elevations

Mono printing, stencil, spray

Mixed Collage

Mixed material 2D, 3D expressions

Creative paintings based on topics

Clay / POP works

Poster making on awareness, conservations etc

Rangoli - Floral, Paper

Mural painting - Display of art works

Co-scholastic and Extra-curricular activities


  1. indu Ramesh - President
  2. Chayadevi - Co-ordinator
  3. Suma B - Teacher (Rep)
  4. Gayatri T - Teacher (Rep)
  5. Anitha R - Teacher (Rep)
  6. Geetha H - Teacher (Rep)
  7. Manu Deepa - Teacher (Rep)
  8. Shruthi N L - Teacher (Rep)

Teacher's Orientation

"Empowering teachers is the key to enhancing education" A one day orientation programme was organised for the teaching staff of SRVN to refresh, rejurinate and renew the spirits on May 13th

Sri Balakrishna the principal began his presentation pondering on the few key principles to make teaching a more effective.

He also quoted that 'by learning you will teach by teaching you will learn'.

During the event inspirational clippings of movies like Swamy Vivekananda and Gandhi were also screened, which was followed with critical analysis of the clippings by the principal.


Chaithramasa the season of the king of the fruits - Mango was celebrated on 25th May as fruits day in SRVN school by the nursery kids who came to the school in orange and yellow shade dresses.

The day began with the explanation about the shape, colour and taste of Jack fruit and Mango fruit by Nursery teachers which was followed by leaf printing activity using Mango leaf and Jack fruit leaf dipped in fabric colours.

Kids wore hand-made mango crown and they shared Mango Sharabath, Mango Jam, Mango Murabba, Pickel, Mango candy, Jack fruit pappad, dosa, halva, mango Chatney with their friends.

Kids were served with sliced raw mango and unriped mango to relish by which they could differentiate sour taste from sweet taste.

Children enjoyed to the optimum smacking their lips, chuckling, clicking their tongue and winking at each other.

Investiture Ceremony 2019-2020

Leaders are not born but made by their experiences in life. The Solemn ceremony held on 9th June 2019 marked the installation of the students council 2019-20

The guests were preceeded towards the school auditorium and were greeted with an enthusiasm and applause

The gathering was warmly welcomed by the co ordinator Mrs. Chaya Devi. The programme began with the prayer to Lord Ganesha and the lightening of the auspicious lamp by dignitaries for the inception of the newly elected students council

The elected leaders Darshan of class 10th as school captain, Nikitha Sharma of class 9th as Vice-captain and Bhoomica of class 10th as sports captain marched forward and took up their responsibilities in the form of badges and flags

They were conferred with badges and sashes by honourable chief guest Sri Rammesh the Secretory of SRVN.

The President Smt. Bindu Ramesh lead the captains, leaders, class prefects and volunteers in a Solemn Oath to hold the school motto of Loyality, Truth and Honour in high esteem.

Dr Yogitha Chandra of Kempe Gowda Institute of medical science was thanked for her contribution towards the scholarship for the students.

There were four students who received the certificate and cash of Rs. 2500/- each.

The principal of SRVN Sri Balakrishna congratulated the new leaders and urged them to work to empower others selflessly with the objective

"Do more and grow more" He also advised to aim at perfecting themselves as good leaders of tomorrow knowing their responsibility.

Vote of thanks was proposed by ______________. The curtains were drawn with every SRVN feeling jubiliated and proud.

73rd Independence Day Celebration

August 15th is that sacred day of remembering , celebrating and echoing the sacrifices of our countrymen who gave up their lives for the India's freedom.

The 73rd Independence day was celebrated in our SRVN school campus with the precedented patriotic fervour teaches, students and all the supporting staff took part in the celebration actively.

The formal flag hoisting ceremony was followed by National salute, National Anthem and the march past.

Varied colourful cultural programs preceded by welcome address.

Show casing the talents of students was witnessed by the audience.

Patriotic songs, Natya-yoga, colourful display of props and dance lazims and dumbles were some of the events and programs exhibited by students during the celebration. This was followed by felicitations to the meritorious students of the school of 2018-19 session who fared extremely well in the academics.

Address by the chief guest, the principal and distribution of sweets marked the wrap up of this years Independence Day celebration.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2019

On 5th September SRVN School celebrated Teacher?s Day in a unique way.

The whole programme was arranged by the students under the guidance of president Smt Bindu Ramesh

The Secretory Sri Ramesh inaugurated the programme by garlanding the image of Dr Sarvepalli Radha Krishna ? the great academic philosopher, one of the welknown diplomats , scholar, president of India and above all a great teacher.

Students welcomed all the teachers with their love and respect and they were escorted on to the stage where teachers lit the lamps as a tribute to the great teacher Dr. Radha Krishna

All the teachers were offered with a gift along with a red rose by students as a token of love.

Kankana - yellow threaded flower was tied around the wrist of each teacher by students who knocked the hearts of teacher by touching their feet to seek the blessings of teachers with high respect.

The programme concluded with principals address who extended his heart felt thanks to all students on the behalf of staff and also thanked all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hard work, he also explained the importance of kankana as the symbol responsibility of teachers towards the students.

The day came to an end with the high tea hosted by the school management.

Children's Day Celebration

Children's Day , one of the best day of the year for kids was celebrated on November 14th on the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru in SRVN school to cheer up the children and make their day memorable.

On this day teachers sang the school prayer, read the news, presented the thought for the day during the special assembly conducted specially for the students.

School auditorium decorated with balloons and best wishes -stickers overly delighted the students as they entered dressed in the best bringing festive look to the school.

Teachers began the programme singing invocation song beautifully. A hearty and warm welcome was extended to the children assembled in the auditorium.

Portrait of Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru - Chachaji who had perpetual love for roses as well as for children was garlanded as a tribute to him.

Teachers staged the moral based skit and comedy skit and much more which made all the children to laugh and enjoy the even to the fullest.

The joy full programme ended with principals speech who encouraged the students to dream big and work hard and also adviced teachers to nurture the children with at most care and love as they are the future of Nation and citizens of tomorrow.

All the children went home cherishing the sweets and carrying the gifts presented by the school management.

SRI RANGA VIDYANIKETHAN CENTRAL SCHOOL We are glad to have you around.

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