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Innovative Practices in the school

Brief note of the committee on innovative practices being adopted in the school.

committee for Innovative prac tices in the school 2019-2020.

  1. Shobha N [Incharge]
  2. Anitha R [rep]
  3. Geetha H [rep]
  4. . Chaya Devi M [rep]
  5. Shruthi N.L [rep]
  6. Pradeep H.R [rep]

This committee has set up to promote innovative practices in learning with continuous and constant support from parents and teachers for students over all developments.

The biggest challenge for any teacher is capturing each student?s attention and conveying ideas effectively enough to create a lasting.

SRVN is determined to part a qualitative education. To tackle the above said challenge effectively the innovation of teaching adopted successfully are.

1. Playing games which is a time-tested method are designed for the students of primary section.

2. Audio-video aids are used in the class rooms to supplements text books during teaching session.

3. Learning is made fun filled by teachers arranging interesting games to teach concepts like addition, division etc.

4. Real world learning is provided to the students by arranging field trips to places like zoo, post office, banks, bus stand, fishery forms, wonder law, Mysore palace, tulips form, etc. and simply taxing students for a walk in the school garden.

5. Brain storming sessions are organized for the students.

6. Classes are arranged outside the class rooms as the students are taken to botanical garden labs etc.

7. Role plays are organized for all the classes to make children step out of their conform zone and develop their inter personel skills.

8. Story boards are used effectively.

9. New ideas of the students, teachers as well as parents are welcomed.

10. Puzzles and games are provided to the students.

11. School clubs like, health and wellness clubs, science clubs, social clubs, math clubs, Kannada sangha, Hindi perished, sports clubs & time art clubs etc. organized their actives form time to time.

12. Inter house competition are planed well in advance.

13. English week, Kannada week &Hindi week are organized annually to give a health platform to the students to improve their communication skills.

14. Students are prepare and sent to participate in the events conducted by different organizations to provide than maximum exposure for their All sound development.

15. Teachers are sent to participate in the workshops organized by CBSE form time to time.

16. Class rooms are pleasantly decorated to help stimulate students mind.

17. Teachers &students are given time to refer books stocked in library creatively.

18. As far as possible lessons are introduced like story to create interest & to keep the students engaged throughout the teaching session.

A part form all the above strategies the school also involve the parents in the process making it into a golden learning triangle.

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